Corporate Conventions (USA)

Corporate Conventions (USA)

Most corporations will send their top executives to four and five star hotels, spending anywhere between $300/night and $400/night per rep. Each company sends at least 10 representatives to any given trade show. All in all each company will spend $3,000-$4,000 per night and most shows are at least 3 to 4 nights long. Which means it will cost them anywhere from $9,000-$16,000 per show in hotel accommodations alone.

We know most companies have travel budgets set aside for their corporate traveling; our job is to keep you well within the budget and cut costs tremendously. You can have better accommodations at a five star resort for almost half the price or even less!

An average two bedroom timeshare unit that sleeps 6 and rents at $2,700 in Las Vegas for the ENTIRE WEEK. That breaks down to $64/night per person. It’s a no brainier!

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